You - Only - Live - Once



Dance is Life, and You Only Live Once.


Let DanceYOLO be your source for premium, top of the line pointe shoes and dance accessories. We supply dancers who express themselves on their feet, and help them take care of their most valuable assets by providing the most quality crafted and engineered pointe shoes with an evolving product line that continually reaches new heights in quality.

A Simple Business Model

Our business model is simple: we offer superior value with aggressive pricing to nurture faithful, repeat customers.

  • Offering quality merchandise made by master craftsmen of the trade
  • Aggressive, no gimmick pricing
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Hassle free returns and exchanges

Ballet is our passion, and it shows in our products. Our product line is created by master cobblers who are trained in the factory as a lifelong vocation. They got started by creating pointe shoes and ballet slippers the traditional way, and through the evolution of high-performance materials and improvement in craftsmanship and construction, they developed a superior product.

Superior Manufacturing, Done Right

Our manufacturer began making shoes over three decades ago, creating top of the line pointe shoes and dance slippers for ballet companies. Some models are made the traditional way, while our new lines incorporate the latest advancements in construction and development to create a superior environment for the foot.

A sophisticated chemistry is now used for the glue that’s used within the layers of textile materials that make up the pointe shoes, known as paste. Our pointe shoes are engineered to cradle the foot through the improvement in materials and construction. Unlike traditional pastes which cause the dance shoe to become rock hard, we use sophisticated resins and glues that set up hard and then become elastic with the warmth and moisture of the foot, shaping themselves to your feet. All of the bodies’ weight is then channeled through the area from your arch to your toes, cradling and protecting your feet in an environment that is strenuous on the human body.

The shank of the shoe plays a crucial role in the performance of our shoes.  The shank is a supportive structure between the inner and outer sole.  Its presence is crucial to functionality as it diminishes the load incurred by a dancer’s movement and body weight. Integrating high performance materials when making a pointe shoe shank has produced longevity and needed support with increased flexibility and overall better performance when compared to how the most integral part of the pointe shoe was traditionally produced.

Improved Foot Health

We also offer shoes that are treated with nanoparticles of medicinal silver that are sprayed on the insides of the shoes that inhibits the growth of bacteria, creating an improved environment for the foot.

Let DanceYOLO supply the quality products that will carry you in your passion for dance.

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